Pharma manufacturing is one of the complex manufacturing industries when it comes to the manufacturing process and the operational constraints. It has similar processes that any process industry comes with but has additional Pharma specific complexities because of various regulations. So, Pharma manufacturing needs unique solutions to handle its unique constraints.

If you are a production planner, the following questions comes up daily in a production scheduling exercise.

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Every production planner can answer the Level 1 set of questions using their in-house custom production scheduling software namely Spreadsheet. As we move on to the next level, the complexity and the constraints will increase and it takes considerable time and effort to answer these questions and by the time we have an answer, it becomes irrelevant. In practice, production planner must consider all the constraints to generate a feasible schedule which makes the scheduling exercise complex and time consuming. …

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Optimization & It’s Meaning

Decision making is part of every business and Optimization is a widely used concept for decision making. Optimization concept when used in business context in any domain is not translating its true meaning. It is misunderstood by the business as a magic wand which gives the best decision or solution to all the problems. In most of the real life business scenarios, Optimization doesn’t lead to an optimal solution and users should be informed that it can’t solve anything and everything to optimal.

IT just means that it can help in decision making to improve the system that is modeled. If the modeled system is approximate replica of the physical system (which is the case mostly), then the decision made is not the solution for physical system, but for the model. …

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Digital Transformation of Supply Chain

What is Digital Transformation? Is it a hype or real?

Is it about automation of jobs?

Is it about using mobiles/tablets/computers instead of paper/excel?

What transformations can happen?

What are decision making technologies?

Digital Transformation is a process of aiming at increasing the efficiency of the organization by embracing the digital technologies which will help in churning huge data from various sources and aid in decision making by generating insights from the data and automating repetitive tasks.

As an Organization/Supply Chain Executive/Planner, Why should I care?

Do you remember your Nokia phone? And yes mostly, you would be missing that brand. What happened to it? …

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Facility Location Map

What is our optimal distribution network?

How can we reduce the demand fulfillment costs?

Should we run an efficient supply chain or responsive supply chain or both? How can we achieve them?

Is our current facilities capacity enough for future growth? Or should we expand it?

Should we outsource some supply chain activities?

These are the questions that come to an organization’s mind while designing a supply chain strategy. The objective of designing a Supply Chain strategy is to prepare the organization at operations level to meet the direction set by the business. For example, Amazon business strategy is to deliver the goods to customer in one day. The main objective of business strategy could be to acquire market share by providing faster service to customers and remain competitive in the ever changing market. In order to meet this business objective, its supply chain team will have to design a strategy on how to meet this one day delivery target. They might buy/lease more warehouses close to customers, maintain stocks to ship immediately, use faster transport modes to transport goods, engage with more delivery partners to deliver it on the same day, deploy relevant technology to track the shipment of goods. …

Satish Kumar Amirisetti

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